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Life Is Its Own Purpose

The Explosion Happened The Day You Were BornĀ 

The Sun rises in the morning and rests in the evening for you. The Stars and Moon hang in the night sky for you. The seasons come and go, bringing warm Summer months, Autumn Wind and Rain, the quiet of Winter Snow, and the Hope of another Spring--for you.

For you there is Joy, Sadness, Pain and Pleasure. For you the lightening and thunder split the night sky as a reminder you are alive. For you there is only one Other.

For you a Family was created to Share the Dream: the Sun, the Stars and Moon, and the Four Seasons. For you a Family was created to watch, appreciate, give faith, explore life, to Love and Love Each Other as they play.

For you the Memory of a Morning Kiss was Given as a Reminder.

For You Love is a reminder of who You Are.