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One Step Towards Understanding

Be Still, Be Calm, Listen 

Meditation is a method by which we can rediscover who we are. If meditation becomes boring or a job, you are approaching it wrong. Once you understand its purpose, simply sitting on your couch can be an opportunity to meditate.

The point of meditation is to become quiet and still, letting the world do its thing as you calmly observe. It is an opportunity to experience consciousness without the inner chatter of the mind. Once the mind is quiet, you can observe the feelings within, the sounds outside, and the quietness of your self.

Sit on a pillow and close your eyes. If your mind is busy, don't fight with it. Allow your thoughts to pass. Follow your breath to bring back focus. Listen to the external world: the sound of a wind chime, passing vehicles, your neighbors chatting. Don't think about what you hear, simply witness it.

Recognize in the stillness that you are the witness, the observer. Try to identify that witness. Ask who am I?