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Mental Gymnastics

Mind Candy Is Addictive 

The mind is a wonderful tool, but it is also addictive.  People spend most of their time thinking and very little time living.  The mind can trap us in the past or in the future, taking away the present moment.  The mind can be a prison, a stream of endless thoughts.  The mind also plays the role of the ego.  It is here where people build their personal identity, becoming what they are not.  They live an illusion of ideas and concepts, constructing a persona and a world that is neither real nor healthy.

It is incredibly difficult to break free from the shackles of the mind, but it can be done by discovering your true nature, the observer who watches the thoughts, who has falsely identified with those thoughts.

You are not the mind.  The mind has utility as does your hands and feet, but it is not you.  Treat it as such and break the chains.  It will fight back.  However, it is your servant, and how you use it is your choice.