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Who Are You?

What You Are Is Beyond Description

Om Mani Padme Hum

What is it that has never changed? Life passes by and everything is in flux, with one exception. You, the witness, who has always been there. Thoughts, feelings, the world around you move and flow; but you are always there, watching.

We often take on beliefs that we are a certain person, whether that be good, bad, kind selfish, etc. These are only ideas that we harbor in our mind, and they are not what we are. Once you drop your ego (ideas and beliefs about yourself) can you start seeing who you truly are. The ego is an illusion maintained by the mind. It is powerful and persistent. People identify with it and feel threatened when it is challenged. Moving beyond the ego is how we open up to our true essence, that which transcends the mind/ego.

The ego is like a house of cards: when one card falls, the whole structure might collapse, leaving a person devastated. Your true self is greater than any ego you might hold.

Forget the past. You are the boat moving through the ocean, not the wake left behind the boat. Forget the future. You have no way of controlling what has yet happened. The present is where your true self exists. The present is where you will always find your self. The past and future exist only in the mind. Be in this moment now.

Identify what you are not. You are not the the objects of the world. They are observable. You are not the body. It is observable. You are not your feelings. They are observable. You are not the mind. It is observable. If you are not those things that are observable, then what are you? Who are you?

Dig deep to find your true self. It cannot be observed directly because it is you, the observer.